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lightning0.gif (1446 bytes)    Sunday, November 30, 1998, 10:00am EST
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Fleetcaster system to make history
Nachos/Loki's Minions debut live Fleetspy LMCTF Match
Source: Saint

The first live "broadcast" of a Quake II match using the FleetSpy streaming demo viewer  is slated for tonight. Here's the deal, from the Loki's Minions Capture the Flag page:

Do you remember the days when you had to download demos? Remember when you had to wait for them to be recorded before you saw them? Those days are over because Nachos have released Fleetspy v1.0b (500k zip) which makes demos viewable (even to 28.8 users) immediately without download! It means that an unlimited number of observers could start recording a match as it happens, with about a minute or so latency. The instructions are ridiculously easy.

The premiere Fleetcast will be on the Nachos server at 9pm EST on Monday the 30th where HD plays PTH. LMCTF 4.0 required to view the broadcast.

lightning0.gif (1446 bytes)    Sunday, November 29, 1998, 3:00am EST
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Best single player Quake game ever?
Half-Life = No-Life. Nachos/HL is on the air!
Source: Saint

half_box[1].jpg (17201 bytes)As if Q2 wasn't enough of a TimeSuckerâ„¢, I just can't put Half-Life down. It's the most engaging single player Quake engine game ever, hands down. It's such an immersive, spooky game, I've actually had the hair on the back of my neck stand up several times. That's freaky!

big-gord[1].gif (5059 bytes)I've also played a good bit of multiplayer Half-Life, and let me tell you, it's pretty darn fun. The latest patch seems to put Half-Life on par with Classic Quake, and we're only one week into the game. When Team Fortress hits the streets this bad boy is going to create some major waves.

Anyway, we're digging having No-Life so much, we just have to drag a few of you in with us. Nachos/HL was setup this weekend, and it's running pretty nice. We've got an 8 player limit right now, but as we tweak it up, I imagine we'll raise that limit to 12-16 players.   We've even setup a new forum on the BBS to chat all about the game.

You can find Nachos/HL on either WON or Gamespy's server lists, or connect direct at

lightning0.gif (1446 bytes)    Tuesday, November 24, 1998, 2:00pm EST
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Streaming real-time demos!
Fleetspy v1.0b released on Nachos
Source: Pink Daisy

The FleetSpy/FleetCaster programs are a system that allow a q2 demo to be posted to a public server. It just happens to have the property that the demo need not be finished recording, nor does the client need to have downloaded the entire demo in order to view it.

This means that a 28.8 user can start viewing a 4 MB demo immediately without having to dl the whole thing. It also means that an observer could start recording a match, and many clients can connect to the FleetCaster to view a game as it happens, with about a minute or so latency.

Grab the client here: ftp://ftp.nachos.net/fleetcaster/fleetspy.zip

Follow the directions in the readme, and connect to the default server. We have posted 2 demos for your viewing pleasure, one shows a near perfect flag grab on meltdown, the other is a demo of the recent NR vs. HD rag match.

We will keep you posted about upcoming live matches. We hoping that we can broadcast some of the top five OGL matches this week or next.

At this time, we will not be distributing the software that allows you to record a demo the the Caster, as our beta server could become overloaded. But, if you are playing a closely followed match, then by all means email me pd@mathcurves.com and I'll try to set you up.

You can also send bug reports and comments to the above address, or just leave them on the Nachos BBS.

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skull_front.jpg (2617 bytes)If this is your first visit to Nachos, welcome! Nachos first went online on August 27th 1996, and has been providing servers and information to the Quake CTF community for over a 2 years.

Nachos features games, files, forums and chats on a state-of-the-art server. Currently we play the excellent game, Loki's Minion's Capture the Flag for Quake II. If your looking for inside information about everyone's favorite CTF mod, you at the right place.

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